Tiffany Pollard is definitely a trailblazer in reality television. She is best known for starring on Flavor of Love and finding love on her own show, I Love New York.

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She made appearances on other shows like Celebrity Big Brother, Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, and Scared Famous but she’s set to return to VH1 but this time in a digital series.

The second season of Brunch With Tiffany premiered and Cyn Santana was the guest and she spoke about her split from Joe Budden. Ahead of the episode’s premiere, Tiffany spoke about her bombshell interview with Santana.


“I feel like she really opened up and it was just like, whoa, this is really happening, right here, right now,” Tiffany said. “I was really shocked, but it was a great interview. She was just letting it all roll out, and I think that when she did that, it was a major release for her. I appreciated that, and I was glad that I was the person that was there with her to support her through the things she needed to say.”

Other guests include B2K’s Fizz, Scrappy from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Donna Lombardi from Black In Crew, and many others.

“I want my fans to notice the glow up,” she said of her new role as a talk show host. “The fact that she still likes to have fun and be herself and there’s outrageous moments within these interviews, but I also want people to notice the metamorphosis of how I’m a trustworthy individual. They can see, wow, Tiff is really there. She’s all into this interview and it’s not an act…I hope that conveys with each interview.”