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Kicking of World Mental Health Day, NFL Super Bowl champion, Plaxico Burress, hosted the inaugural Illness Without A Face event at the newly opened Taj Lounge in Newark, NJ last night.

Plaxico was joined by East Orange NJ Mayor Ted Green, founder of the Newark Film Festival – Kenneth Gifford, decorated police officer and star of popular show, Manhunters – Rasheen Peppers, and Janelle Abraham who produced and directed the series, The Illness Without A Face. These esteemed individuals from all walks of life joined forces to raise awareness of mental health and the effects it has on its community.

Guests got an intimate sneak peak of the docu-series The Illness Without A Face with the entire cast, and the night ended with a personal and engaging conversation with panelists who have all contributed via education or awareness of mental health in the community.

The docu-series will focus on people from different walks of life battling personal instances of trauma that has affected their mental health. It aims to help people talk more openly, know the warning signs and seek help if they need it.