PETA wants Lil Kim to join them.

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Earlier this week, Lil Kim was stampeded by a herd of fur protestors outside of Verizon Media Studios. The recent “I Am Hip-Hop Award” recipient charged back at the unexpected protestors for invading her personal space before security stepped in to intervene. Because this has happened to celebrities before, Kim issued a statement to PETA following the attack.

“Peaceful protests mean more than anything,” said the Queen Bee.
I’m not telling you guys to stop. Keep going. Go ahead, PETA, keep doing what you do. I get it. I am supporting you from a distance if you’re not in my upper space trying to violate. At the end of the day, I understand what you’re fighting for.”


It was reported that PETA was not behind the aggression of the protestors nor the protest in general. The Animal Rights Organization responded with the gift of a faux fur jacket and a press release.

“Moving forward, it would be great to see Lil’ Kim commit to refusing to wear animal fur, joining the ranks of other compassionate celebrities,” PETA stated.

No word on whether the Queen Bee will accept their peace offering.