An eight-year-old student was subject to racist abuse, resulting in his want desire to let his skin go dry so he could scratch and peel his skin in efforts to look “whiter.”

The Cornwall, England student is Finley Sullivan, the son of a Ugandan father and a mother from Dover, Kent, who was repeatedly called the n-word at school and had monkey noises yelled at him as he traveled through the street.

“People say the N-word and that I should go back to Africa where I belong,” Sullivan told the Metro News. “The first time it happened I was in year one. A kid called me a stupid African and hit me.


“People stare at me and touch my hair without asking, too. It just makes me feel sad and angry.”

Sullivan’s mother, Colleen Robinson, reveals the incident is not the first time he has encountered racism and she is hoping for more Black history curriculum to be placed in the schools

“We’re hoping by speaking out that others who are the victims of racial abuse down here will stand up and know they’re not alone.”

Sullivan is currently learning the ukelele with the ambition to host a music festival that will promote racial diversity in Cornwall, England.

“I like being mixed race. It’s when people are racist to me I don’t like it — it makes me feel I don’t fit in,” Sullivan said.