It wasn’t easy for Justise Winslow to open up about his mental health battles, but that’s exactly what he is doing.

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In a one-hour documentary titled HeadStrong: Mental Health and Sports, Winslow talked about his struggles with mental health last season.

The documentary explores different mental health topics, and how athletes admitting their struggles is helping others cope with their issues.


Winslow, 23, was never clinically diagnosed with depression or anxiety, but he revealed in January that focusing on the negative aspects of his life had become a habit for him. Known as a thinker and a person who overanalyzes things, he would allow himself to get lost in his own thoughts after disappointing performances and tough days.

“I know there are people dealing with things every day that they go in and out between positive and negative,” Winslow said. “For me, I just shared my story. Not because I’m super comfortable with it. I’m still not very comfortable talking about it. But I do it because I know it benefits other people. … Just by me talking about, it gives them that faith and that hope and that understanding that they’re not alone.”

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love and San Antonio Spurs guard DeMar DeRozan have previously opened up about their struggles with mental health and how more awareness needs to be brought to the subject.

Love and DeRozan’s bravery in talking about their illness started a movement. Shortly after the two All-Stars spoke about their individual struggles, Phoenix Suns small forward Kelly Oubre and Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams shared their own battles with mental health.