Kevin Durant believes the New York Knicks brand isn’t cool. Well, Michael Rapaport not only thinks the Knicks brand is cool, he believes Durant got it all wrong.

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“The Knicks are always gonna be cool,” Rapaport said on Monday, per TMZ Sports. “Basketball is the city’s game. World’s most famous arena. KD was considering coming to the Knicks, he decided to go to Brooklyn. Don’t worry about us. We know our deficiencies.

“You got a big task in front of you — you and your flat-earth friend, Kyrie Irving — don’t worry about the New York Knicks right now,” the comedian said. “You should just be chilling in a hyperbolic chamber getting your blood spun so we can see you back on the court.”


Despite these comments, Rapaport does not appear to be holding any grudges against the newest member of the Nets. Instead, he said that having Durant healthy and recovered from his ruptured Achilles is far more important to him and those that root for the Knicks.

Durant believes that the Knicks aren’t cool due to a lack of playoff success. Since an appearance in the 1999 NBA Finals, the Knicks have made the playoffs just six times. Four of those trips have ended in the first round.

Time will tell if the Nets can become New York’s premier basketball team. Has for right now, they will have to show and prove on the court without Durant this season. Old school New Yorkers aren’t simply jumping on the Nets wave just yet.