The world is waiting for President Donald Trump to denounce a violent and graphic video that was presented at his Doral Miami resort last week, whereas a fake version of the Commander In Chief murders former president, Barack Obama and a number of his political foes. The New York Times first reported on this parody that takes place at a sanctuary called, the “Church of Fake News.” The video was shown to a private group of right-winged supporters at a American Priority conference. And while The President was not there, his speaking out against would be an important statement to the country.

The president has not given a statement but the political group that sponsored the event has. In a release at the top of their website the share that video was “unauthorized” and was not viewed in a main conference room.  The organize contends that was not “approved, seen or sanctioned” by them at all and that they had no idea that there was a video of this sort until they were contacted by the Times. But in true Trumpian form, they shift the blame on the media by saying it is “shocking” that the Times only covered this and not their other panels or sanctioned conference events.

Now ain’t that grand.

The video was graphic, sick and a low-grade rip off of the movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service.

It featured what seems to be the face of the President superimposed on a murderous avatar. He goes into this church, where he encounters his critics (political opponents, critics, media, etc.) and he goes on a rampage.

The fake Trump hits the late Senator John McCain in the neck, then knocks and stabs Rosie O’Donnell in her face. It gets more gruesome. He then lights Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ head on fire, right before he started going after others that have  faces are replaced with various media outlets logos.

Other actual people included in this not funny at all flick are as follows: Former President Obama (as mentioned earlier), Black Lives Matter, California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Adam Schiff, the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee leading the impeachment inquiry of Mr. Trump.

Media outlets that have been featured in this disgusting video are CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, NBC, ABC, PBS, Politico and the BBC.

The president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, Jonathan Karl, issued a statement saying, “All Americans should condemn this depiction of violence directed toward journalists and the President’s political opponents. We have previously told the President his rhetoric could incite violence.  Now we call on him and everybody associated with this conference to denounce this video and affirm that violence has no place in our society.”

The world is still waiting on the president to be…. presidential and flat out condemn it.