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Big H is a multi talented Artist from Maryland, just outside of Washington DC. One notable thing about the rising artist is that he doesn’t hide behind a persona, his claim to fame is everything he talks about his truth; hence, why he always says “my rap name my real name.” His music influence is driven by his upbringing in the metropolitan area of Maryland and DC. The clothes he wears, the way he talks, the girls he chooses for videos, and his style of beats – are all inspired by the local DMV culture. His music is inspired by his struggle and determination to change his current living situations. Check out Big H full interview below along with images shot by @itsunclecurt.- How Would You Describe Your Sound & Style? “It all comes from foreal life experiences and the different places I’ve been and the people I’m surrounded by on a day to day experience. Like between the streets, school, family, friends…and it’s like a lil combination of everything. As far as the style like…I don’t really copy no one else’s style like..I go into the booth and I rap what’s in my mood. Usually I’m just trying to inspire n*ggas and tell my story. And just to show niggas my come up. And you know just chill vibes. I like money and bad b*tches.” – How Do You Feel About Your Accomplishments So Far With Your Music? “I feel like my biggest achievement foreal is in which I just think back to where it started. Growing up my bestfriend used to really support me and encourage me to rap. And I was bs’in with it until I was about 18 because he handed me everything necessary to do it so I didn’t take it seriously until he got killed. After that I decided to tighten up foreal and do it right for him.” – What Prominent Or Upcoming Artists Would You Say You Are Inspired By? “On a mainstream level is Meek Mill because he is the only person I can say I seen his full come up. Now a days a lot of rappers stories you just don’t believe them and with all the fraud I can’t relate to that. But seeing a Meek Mill story I can believe that. These artists today need to be more true to themselves. On a local level, I can say MoneyMann. He’s the only rapper I can say I listened to and made money from listening to him. I can actually learn from his music and story.” – What Do You Hope Your Fans Take From Listening To Your Music? “When you listen to all my songs and hear what I’ve been through and the things I’ve done. It’s just going to be a beautiful thing when I finally manifest it. I really talk about what happened in my life and where I plan to go. I just hope people get inspired by my story.” – What Sets You Apart From The Many Others Coming Up In The Game Right Now? “A lot of artists are coming out with that same mindset of just being a rapper with no business plan and no merchandise. They don’t know numbers or statistics deeper than their following on their instagram. I have a clothing brand and the ambition to be self-made. I’m just looking for an outlet to get in front of a million people. We were always getting money before this and I know I got a good plan I just need an outlet. And music wise I sound like myself and not following the trend of sounding like someone else like most of these rappers”