If you asked Asmik Shiroyan what her life has been like, she’ll most likely tell you it’s been a roller-coaster ride. She grew up in the Ukraine from a large family, most of whom were artistic. Her father was an artist and her mother a professional dancer, and so it was perfectly natural for her to be drawn to the arts as well. From a young age, she was taking dancing lessons, painting classes, choir, choreography, modeling, and even language school (She knows five languages). But by age 10, she had honed in on one particular artistic expression: music.

By age 15, she began pursing music as a career and has been performing on stages all over the world ever since. She’s won several song contests and even competed on The Voice of Ukraine in 2014, which garnered her enough attention to push her YouTube videos to more than 7 million views. She has also participated in the national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 and 2018, and spent five years in Kiev as a professional artist working to refine her unique sound and style on her way to becoming a bona fide recording artist.
It was during her time in Kiev that she started writing songs, and her single “The Code” has gone on to receive high acclaim and create a fan following that puts her name on the lips of thousands of people all over Europe. Over the past two years, she’s worked to grow that fan base to a more global audience. She moved to Los Angeles and has been hard at work on new music. Most recently, she released the single “Nice” which she said is inspired from some of the life experiences she’s encountered over the course of her artistic journey.

“My life has been a roller-coaster because I’ve been through a lot of different situations,” Asmik said. “I go high and then fall down and then crawl and try to get back up. All of that drives me to write music. I like to share that experience with people and show others that they’re not alone, and to remind myself that I’m not alone. I suppose you could say I’m sharing something private with people through songs. With ‘Nice,’ the inspiration came from my own experiences of life and relationships. It’s a song about feeling heartbroken and the situation that many girls find themselves in when they’re with a guy who doesn’t care about the relationship but the girl is in love. He’s being so nice and giving compliments, but he doesn’t really care. It’s hard to say “No” or “Goodbye” to that kind of person, even though you wish you could.”

Asmik said the vibe of the song is something between moody and dance, with a little bit of electronic influences mixed. It’s a song that makes people want to move, but more appropriate, it’s a vibe that perfectly captures the feelings she had while contemplating her experiences with past relationships – something that has also been somewhat of a roller-coaster of moody emotions then dancing and then moody again.

“More than anything, I just want to give a message of myself,” she said. “I’m hoping that my music will find people who understand my vibe because they’ve been through similar things, and through my music I can try to send them some kind of positive message.”