Master P stopped by Nick Cannon’s Power 106 radio show and gave his personal list of top five rappers.

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He fired off the list with Snoop Dogg, who was once on his infamous label, No Limit Records. Elsewhere in the conversation he reminisced about saving the Long Beach rapper from Suge Knight’s notorious label, Death Row Records.

“What I liked about the whole situation with Snoop, Snoop wasn’t afraid to change his life and listen,” he said at the 5:40 mark. “I was there for him, but when he started figuring out who God was and I started figuring out who God was, we never been afraid of a man.”


He explained his experience working with the label and the head honcho and added, “And Snoop, he got a heart of gold that I’m like, ‘You know what? He deserve this. I was a fan of his at the time. I’m like, ‘Nah, Snoop ain’t done.'”

He continued his Top 5 picks with Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G, Scarface, and his last pick may shock some: Lil Wayne. “I got to be able to give credit to the people from where I come from that really went hard,” he said around the 18 minute marker when explaining his choice.

Cash Money Records and No Limit Records are two legendary, Louisiana-based labels but they never collaborated and they were both peaking simultaneously.

Birdman offered an explanation on his episode of Drink Champs and said it was deeper than rap. That shit was real. They ain’t fuck with us, we ain’t fuck with them,” Birdman said 42 minutes into the conversation. “We didn’t fuck with each other, so [the artists] couldn’t fuck with each other.”

But real recognizes real, and Master P had to give the credit where it’s due. “It ain’t about me,” P told Cannon. “I ain’t even in my top five. I don’t care.”