The Washington Wizards broke the bank on their star guard Thursday. According to ESPN, Beal has signed a max extension worth $72 million over the next two years with the Wizards. The deal includes a 2022 player option in which Beal can opt-out of his contract with the Wizards and hit the free agency.

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Should Beal choose not to take the option in 2022, ESPN’s Adrian Wojarowski reports that Beal could sign the richest contract in NBA history worth $266 million over 5 years. The D.C. based franchise hasn’t been shy about emptying their wallets for their players.



John Wall signed a 4-year extension in 2017 worth $170 million. Wall was sidelined all of last season with an Achilles injury he suffered at home. The Wizards also signed Otto Porter to a deal worth $106 million before the Wizards traded him to Chicago.

Prior to signing his extension, rumors swirled of whether Beal would be traded with the Lakers considered to be a top landing spot for the dead-eye shooter. It seems as though any trade talks at least for now will be halted unless a team is willing to make a move for Beal with the risk of losing him in two seasons.