In 2016, Baylor Defensive End Shawn Oakman was a projected first-round pick. The 6 foot 8 280 pound athlete who’s natural build became a viral meme was destined to be a force in the NFL. But, when a now proven false rape accusation came about, Oakman’s career was derailed.

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Seeking a chance to play football at the highest level, Oakman announced on social media that he will, in fact, be playing in the newly constructed XFL. Oakman was drafted by the Los Angeles Wildcats.

“Look what God made,” Oakman said on his Instagram post. Oakman has been playing football in various leagues, but the XFL looks like it’ll be the biggest platform he’s had the opportunity to play on since his years at Baylor where had had 17.5 career sacks in his 3 seasons


After 3 years of fighting the rape case, The Philadelphia native was acquitted this past February. Philly Voice profiled the star athlete following his acquittal. The XFL season kicks off in 2020

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