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Three women have been charged with running a fight club for patients with dementia inside of Danby House, a nursing home located in North Carolina.

Police arrested Taneshia Deshawn Jordan, Tonacia Yvonne Tyson, McKey on counts of assaulting an individual with a disability.

According to reports, a staff member filmed as two women with dementia fought each other in one of their rooms. The women fought as During the fight, the women fell on the bed, and Resident 9 continued to hit Resident 8 after the fall, according to the documents. In the video, Resident 8 is heard yelling “let go, help me, help me, let go,” while the staff continues to watch, according to the documents. At some point, one staff member tells Resident 8 to “stop screaming, (expletive),”

Resident 9 continued to hit Resident 8 and then began choking her. While Resident 9 choked her, a staff member is heard telling Resident 9 to “punch her in the face,” according to the documents. Another staff member asks to make sure someone is filming the fight and asks if the staff member filming the fight will send the video to her.


Resident 8 tried to push Resident 9 off of her, the document says, but could not, and then attempted to bite Resident 9 while still being strangled.

McKey, Tyson, and Jordan are scheduled to appear in court Nov. 14.

Would you still send your loved one to a nursing home after hearing this story?