Gina Rodriguez can’t seem to keep her mouth shut. It seems like every time we look up, she is saying something offensive to Black people. Poor child, she seems to not get it. Last year, she cut Yara Shahidi off while she was talking to exert herself into a conversation of racial and gender-based discrimination (which by the way we are sure she experiences… she is Latina afterall). She also was called to the carpet for various other conversation, seeming diminishing the Black woman’s struggle- as a plight that Latina women in Hollywood share- She has since apologized. Now, she is getting dragged for saying the n-word.

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Why would she do that?

To be fair, she did not say the n-word. She sang it. She sang while rapping along with The Fugees 1996 hit, “Ready or Not.”  Defiantly, she opted out from singing the sanctioned radio friendly version and said the unedited version with the racial derogatory epithet.


Yo Gina… nobody told you that you can’t do what Lauryn does? Ms. Hill does what ever she wants!!! If she says front n-word gives her heebie geebies… they do.. and L Boogie could have said it with the hard “R,” and no one would care… you can’t. It is just that simple.

Well maybe it is not.

Pras from the group The Fugees told TMZ that he is not sure if Rodriguez has a pass into the culture to say the word. The producer said that there are some Latinos who have the distinct privilege to dib and dab in Black culture because they are embedded in it. Who? Pras says he gives those passes to Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B (who considers herself Afro Latina) and Fat Joe (who considers himself Afro Latino).

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