The Atlanta Falcons were having a rough go at it at home against the Rams (all season, really), and tensions reached a peak when Devonta Freeman tried to fight Aaron Donald after a play.

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The All-Pro Donald wasn’t having it as he lifted Freeman off the ground in a show of ridiculous strength as he and Freeman went at it.

Almost midway through the third quarter, Matt Ryan threw an interception, and on the return, Freeman took exception to whatever Donald was doing. It resulted in this:


Donald grabbed the neck of Freeman’s jersey and lifted him in the air, Darth Vader style. It’s almost as if Freeman, who is listed at 5-foot-8 and 206 pounds, shouldn’t have gone after Donald, who is listed at 6-1 and 280. The height and weight disparity certainly didn’t work out in his favor.

Fighting, in general, is a bad idea in the NFL, but when you’re picking a fight with  Donald, that decision becomes even more unwise.

Donald is an absolute tank of a human being. He’s only 6 feet tall, but he makes up for it by having iron for muscles. Being that short has allowed him to get leverage on offensive lineman ever since he got into the NFL, being arguably the game’s best player for the past few years.

This isn’t a man you want to fight, no matter how many pads you have on. Hopefully, Freeman got the memo.