The new Joker film has been met with universal acclaim and box office records to match, but its greatest claim to fame is probably making a special street in the Bronx a new tourist attraction following a pivotal scene from the film going all the way viral.

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Behold the #JokerStairs challenge:


Fans of the film are making a trek all the way to West 167th Street between Shakespeare and Anderson Ave in the BX to take pics on the now-infamous “Joker stairs” to recreate Joaquin Phoenix’s maniacal dance as he officially transforms into the titular live-action villain.

Many have been going all out like the award-worthy one seen above, but some are casually just taking IG flicks on the steps. Here’s a good one:

…and even the animals are getting in on the fun:

Of course, many are making their own fun out of the whole craze, particularly natives of the area who think it’s funny to see “out-of-town” visitors in a predominately inner-city neighborhood that could get rough past sunset. Just saying.

The homie Desus, a Bronx native himself, had a pretty hilarious point to add as well:

For those looking to take a trip to the Bronx for a shot of cinematic history, “Joker Stairs” has become an official Google Maps location. Happy trails! Be safe out here, b…