Amazon Music has teamed with Missy Elliott for a new interview to highlight their Rap Rotation and R&B rotation playlists.

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In the discussion of the release of her new album Iconology, Missy discussed topics including the making of her new album, the new women in Hip-Hop and the return of Timbaland to her career.

“Timbaland is on ‘Drip Demeanor’ and it’s so amazing just watching him because he truly is a genius. And his cadence, his drum pattern is like no other… When I play something,” Missy said. “He’ll most definitely be like ‘no, you should do it like this’ and that’s always been us. And he’ll play something and he’ll go through sounds and I’ll be like ‘oh that’s crazy’ or I’ll be like ‘that’s super wack.’ And vice versa. And you know I think we trust each other because we’ve been knowing each other since high school.”


The work of the two Hip-Hop icons goes back all the way to the “Work It” single, which Timbo met Missy with a challenge in creating the single.

“For ‘Work It’ I’ll never forget. I went in and I was so happy about my first verse and he was like ‘that’s wack.’ So then I went in the second and he was like ‘I mean… it’s aight.’ So by the fifth time, it’s the verse that y’all hear. And he was like ‘that’s what I’m talking about!’ And I have been like that with records with him too, so we’re always constantly pushing each other.”

You can see the full interview below and be sure to check out Iconology when it drops.