The Los Angeles Rams and their new cornerback Jalen Ramsey are celebrating a blowout win against the Atlanta Falcons, 37-10. The Rams who are looking to get back to the Super Bowl this season are excited about their new cornerback along with the other weapons on both sides of the ball, but one anonymous NFL executive is questioning their decisions.

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“The Rams way is just not sustainable,” an anonymous veteran front-office man told NBC’s Peter King. The argument to be made is that the Rams are sitting on some expensive contracts with their top talent. Running Back Todd Gurley is currently the second-highest-paid at his position (4-year $57 million), Jared Goff the highest paid QB in the league (4-year $135 million), Aaron Donald the highest-paid defensive player in the league (6-year $135 million) and Brandin Cooks signed an extension as well (6-year $88 million).

The All-Pro Ramsey who just came over from Jacksonville was responsible for Julio Jones in Sunday’s game who caught six passes for 93 yards, a solid outing from Jones but also about as good as any corner can defend the 6 foot 3 All-Pro receiver.


Ramsey will be due for a new contract after this season and will most likely seek the highest-paid situation due to his elite productivity on the field. Ramsey came into this season seeking a new contract and took it as far as pulling up to training camp in a Brinks truck.

The Rams gave away two first-round picks to acquire Ramsey, but with a team that is “built for the now” as Rams Safety Eric Weddle told King, draft picks may not matter as much.

Last season the Rams made a similar move with Ndamukong Suh who joined the Rams for a season to play second fiddle to Aaron Donald on the defensive line. Suh was especially effective in the playoff run but the Rams opted not to bring the once elite D-lineman back for 2019. Suh made $14 million with the Rams in his one season.

Currently 4-3, the Rams are in third place in possibly the toughest division in football. The 49ers own the NFC West by two games currently standing at 6-0. The Seahawks currently hold second place in the division at 5-2.