In an unexpected turn of events, famed TMZ employee Van Lathan has actually been fired by the company after what Page Six calls a “nasty confrontation” with fellow colleague Michael Babcock.

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Lathan, who gained national attention last year following his viral on-air dispute with Kanye West, was actually let go an entire week and a half ago. That might explain his ominously-foreshadowing tweet seen above, which was posted just before the official report broke not too long ago.

Here’s how Page Six is describes the run of events:

We’re told that the pair appeared on the site’s online show “TMZ Live” together about a week and a half ago and had some kind of disagreement. The on-air face-off has been edited out, we’re told, but sources say they were sparring over politics, which has increasingly come between them

What ultimately got Lathan fired was his choice of words following the confrontation, which sources claim he told Babcock there would be trouble if he “ever embarrassed [Lathan] like that again.” After a follow-up meeting with TMZ attorneys, Lathan was at first suspended. A few days later, he was officially let go.

Thankfully, it does seem that Van is doing fine as per his own words, which he tweeted shortly after his initial response to the subject.

We’re pray for the homie, especially since it seems like he may have been standing up for the right cause. We’ll let you guys decide though: do you think it was right for TMZ to fire Van Lathan for allegedly verbally threatening his coworker? Sound off over on our Facebook and Twitter with your thoughts!

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