There has been quite a bit of controversy following the death of Nipsey Hussle. The public is still trying to make sense of the situation, and his family continues to mourn him. But this didn’t stop Wack 100 for allegedly talking crazy about the slain rapper.

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Gossip of the City obtained audio of Wack going in on Nipsey saying he should’ve stayed in a rapper’s lane because that’s all he was. The clip was reportedly two minutes and thirteen seconds long and he even said his killer, Eric Holder known as Shitty Cuz in the streets, is the real gangster.

The audio isn’t on the Internet but GOTC says Nip’s brother, Blacc Sam, and his bodyguard, J Roc, heard it. His bodyguard who is now retired, responded in an Instagram post. Lauren London posted a cryptic photo of The Godfather film.


Wack 100 Allegedly Said Nipsey Hussle Wasn't Bout That Life in Never Before Heard Audio

Wack 100 doubled down on his unheard comments on social media. “FOR ALL YOU NON BUSINESS PEOPLE MENTAL MIDGETS WHOS BRAIN DOESN’T THINK PAST WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW PAY ATTENTION TO THE RECORD LABEL STAMP AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST….. YOU CAN’T CLAIM SOMETHING THATS ALREADY SPOKEN FOR BUT YOU CAN PUSH IT HOW YOU WANT TO. #DUMMIES” he wrote with a picture of Faith Evan’s “Tears of Joy” single on Apple Music which was released through her prolific music group.

On the other hand, The Game is seemingly unbothered. He posted a picture debuting his new hairstyle as he smiles “through the bullsh*t.”

It’s unclear what warranted The Game’s manager to go on his rant, but this comes after The Documentary rapper received backlash for his latest imprint, Prolific Records. Fans are accusing him of trying to monetize off of the late rapper’s brand.

On the other hand, others think he’s just paying homage to his close friend.