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It seems like deciding the King of R&B is a never-ending debate. There are so many male R&B artists and every other week another one pops up and claims the title of the King. The most recent artist to claim that title is YK Osiris.

Back in May, about six months after Jacquees claimed to be this generation’s “King of R&B”, artist YK Osiris proclaimed that he was going to take Jacquees’ throne, along with Chris Brown’s title of the “King of R&B”. Now in October, he believes he has done such.


In an interview with Rolling Stone writer, Charles Holmes, Osiris went on to talk about fellow R&B singer, Jacquees, stating that “Jacquees aint really on my level… Vocally, yes. But music-wise, nah.”

Later in the interview, Osiris went on to take shots at Bryson Tiller, claiming people don’t listen to him anymore.

But when you look at someone like Summer Walker or Jacquees, you’re all coming. 
She’s an R&B girl. I’m talking about men. Right now, there’s not a lot of R&B singers right now. There’s not. Daniel —

Daniel Caesar?
Yeah, I mentioned Daniel.

We got Daniel. We got Jacquees, Bryson. Maybe, he’s a little older, in another generation.
Bryson Tiller?

Nah, not right now.

He’s in your generation, though.
Yeah, but not right now. Nobody listen to Bryson Tiller.

Bryson hasn’t responded yet, and most likely he won’t. Last month, Tiller and his girlfriend Kendra Bailey welcomed their baby daughter, leaving fans to believe they are never getting another album at this point.

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