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They say it ain’t tricking if you got it, but what happens when you don’t actually have it and your rap name just so happens to have the word “trick” in it? Well, we’re not quite sure how to answer that, but maybe Trick Daddy can fill in the blanks following a new report that he filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The best (read: worst) part about it all? He claimed to have $0 USD in his checking account.


Even though a “top rappers” list should probably be the least of Trick’s worries right about now, at least it’s good to see that he’s staying in good spirits based off the IG video seen above. Then again, according to The Blast this issue actually stems back to August 6 when he originally filed. It’s also worth noting that he previously filed for bankruptcy three times in the past, each instance being dismissed before his debt could go through with being discharged.

Here’s how The Blast is breaking down Trick Daddy’s debt by the numbers:

He lists his assets as his home in Miramar, Florida worth $350,000, $1,500 in household goods, and $150 in clothes.

Trick Daddy has $0 in his checking account and stock in his Trick & Rick Music Publishing company worth $5,000.

His debts include $435,682 owed to Fannie Mae related to his Florida home, $12,000 to his home owners association, $57,119 in back child support and $290,000 to the IRS.

Trick Daddy also lists an unknown amount in credit card debt. His total debt owed to creditors comes to $807,176.86.

Trick Daddy’s current bankruptcy claim is still pending. Here’s to hoping his debt can be forgiven this time around! Peep the video below to reflect on much better times: