2019 has been a very trying time for veteran crooner T-Pain. Not only did he lose his brother earlier this year, and was even accused of not preventing his death by one extremely insensitive fan, the Tallahassee-bred rap-singer also had to put a few shows on hold back in April after doctors warned that he was in risk of damaging his voice permanently. It now appears that his latest faux pas involves the upcoming 1UP DLC Tour, or should we say not upcoming tour as he’s officially canceled it altogether.

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Taking to his Instagram to break the news (seen above), T-Pain not only revealed that the tour was officially canceled, but even went the extra length to explain that it was unfortunately because of low ticket sales and a severe lack in production quality. To add insult to injury, he even confirms that he was “advised to lie about this” and say it was due to “needing some alone time or me time.” While many might be quick to clown the GRAMMY-winning musician, he actually comes out looking pretty respectable overall for keeping it a buck and being honest about the situation. Much respect, Nappy Boy!

Watch T-Pain’s full explanation in regards to the 1UP DLC Tour cancellation above. While those who bought tickets will see a refund, we’ll still keep you all updated if and when new dates are announced.