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We spoke briefly with socialite and media relations mogul, Lisa Persaud (@TheRealLpeezy) on celebrities, the power of their influence and why now more than ever, artists can capitalize in this era.

Q: How are artists platforms different now (socially) than back in the day?

We are in the constant social-digital era that leaves all of our actions up for scrutiny. While this can result in many celebrities getting caught up in scandal, it can also be an outlet to showcase their charities, entrepreneurial, and humane side.
The job descriptions of artists have changed immensely this generation. On top of creating, the importance of using their platforms has become one of the top priorities and responsibilities in their career.


Q: You have done a lot of beneficial events for artists that have gotten a ton of press, what do you think when people say it’s only being done for good PR?

I have curated events for athletes, actors and artists that involved charities to fan experience. Now many would say these good deeds are being done only to result in positive press exposure, and to be completely transparent – in some degree, yes it is. BUT also, it’s been done for years without any acknowledgement or public knowledge. If there are blogs merely just existing to to scandalize celebrities and capitalize on that, than by all means celebrities have their right to combat and positively reinforce their reputations.

Q: What do you think about artists and the use of their “voice”

If you are an artist, you have a voice. And not just literally for music, but a voice with impact.
Whether it acknowledges social change, injustice, political issues, it is your due diligence to use it. Fans idolize their favorite celebrities and mimic behaviors – It is our responsibility to lead the young generation.

Q. Aside from charities and good PR, how else are celebrities capitalizing in this era?

There are never been such an evolution of entrepreneurship in the industry. Celebrities can now endorse brands, create their own lines, collaborate without much overhead. Look at Kylie Jenner? No store front costs, all online, no advertisements (initially) outside of her social media.
The power of social media has given not just celebrities the “power” of financial gain, but anyone who knows how to utilize their social platforms. We can be more experimental now in releasing products with much less risk and potentially a whole lot of financial gain.

Q: Anything you would like to add?

This digital age is a gift and a curse. It can make or break you, but the good side is – you can control that, with the right team of course. Investments are vital. Be sure to invest time into research, product knowledge, brand management and a publicist to bring all your handwork the acknowledgement it deserves.