Many of you have by now either already listened to or are currently streaming Kanye West’s latest interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 on Apple Music. There were a lot of things discussed in the two hour conversation, but one topic that triggered us and many music fans was his announcement that yet another album is in the works and will arrive during one of the greatest times of the year.

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Granted, we never received YANDHI, save for a few unauthorized ringtones, and we’re not even too certain that his exhaustingly-delayed LP Jesus Is King will actually be dropping tomorrow (October 25), but yet we’re now expected to, well, expect a whole new album — it’s a holiday album at that! The project will be titled Jesus Is Born — well played, Ye! — and is expected to drop exactly on Christmas Day. The project is expected to feature his Sunday Service choir, and will more than likely feature them singing “Christianized” versions of Top 40 hits, past and present, in addition to a greatest hits list of Kanye’s own songs. However it turns out, we just hope it doesn’t get delayed for heaven’s sake — literally!

Listen to Kanye West’s entire Zane Lowe interview, where he discusses porn, presidency and Drake amongst other topics, right now over on Apple Music.