Earlier this week Tank sparked a debate on social media about sexuality and what makes a man gay.

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The R&B singer sat down with Angela Ye for her Lip Service podcast to promote his new album, Elevation. The co-hosts Stephanie Santiago, GiGi Maguire, and Lore’l started the conversation about men who lie.

Lore’L shared her experience dealing with an old flame who was a terrible liar. Tank chimed in, “He’s not a liar. He just lied twice,” to which Yee responded, “wouldn’t that be enough to make you a liar?”


“So, let’s say a guy sucked a d**k one time,” Yee countered, to which Tank exclaimed, “Jesus Christ!” “Let’s say twice,” Yee continued, before rhetorically asking if that would make a man gay.

And to much of the ladies surprise, the veteran R&B singer said that doesn’t necessarily make a man gay. To give him benefit of the doubt, he did say “twice is excessive,” but he offered an explanation for his response.

“He sucked a d**k once, right? Then, he’s like I’m not sure if I liked it or not. Let me try it again, and then he says, ‘You know what? It’s not for me. Don’t like the taste.’ See what I’m saying?” he elaborated. “It doesn’t mean he’s gay,” he concluded. “It means he sucked d**k twice. The art of being gay is being gay. It’s a continuous state of being.”

The Breakfast Club co-host brought the original topic back, “So, if you lie 10 times, then you’re not a liar?” “Well, 10 times…you a damn near pro,” Tank admitted good-naturedly.

The conversation below sparked a polarizing debate. LGBTQ+ community members applauded the crooner for understanding that sexual activities aren’t the only thing that makes you gay. Meanwhile, others were like …

Does Tank have a point? Check out the interview below: