Farmington Police Department officer Zachary Christensen is in hot water after he shoved, tackled, and used unnecessary force on an unnamed 11-year-old girl he claimed ‘took more milks than she was supposed to’.

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An 11-year old black student at New Mexico’s Mesa View Middle School received a concussion due to excessive force from the hands of a police officer. In his report, Christensen reported that the young girl assaulted school personnel by brushing past them and stated on camera ‘he had had enough’. He also wrote ‘she was very strong, stronger than he was’. He grabbed the girl’s book bag off her shoulders and proceeds to toss her around, throwing her to the ground while twisting her arm. As the girl is heard on camera crying and screaming in pain, he continues to scream ‘stop resisting’ as school personnel pleads for the officer to stop.

When lapel video of the Aug. 27 incident was released, it showed that Zachary Christensen, an 11-year veteran of the department, overreacted and became visibly irate at the sixth grade student. After an internal investigation, Christensen resigned and no charges have been filed against him.
Watch the shocking video below.