If you thought the Dame Lillard a.k.a. Dame D.O.L.L.A. versus Shaquille O’Neal rap beef would be a storyline through the NBA season, there is some unfortunate news for you, it won’t.

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The All-Star and NBA legend exchanged diss tracks right before the start of the season but Shaq details it was all in good fun.

“The thing that went on for me and him was just for fun. I think he’s really, really good and he’s very talented. We had fun,” Shaq said to Rolling Stone. “We all come from the same place. My thing is, if you say you’re better than me, I accept the challenge. If he says ‘I look better than you,’ then OK, I gotta hit the gym and work out; if he says ‘My shoes are whiter than yours,’ then I gotta go to the store and pick out a better pair. Other people take that stuff personally but I don’t. If you challenge me, I’ll step up to the challenge.”


Shaq also detailed that there are no future albums coming from him. On the bright side, we can continue to enjoy his presence on NBA on TNT arguing with Charles Barkley and weighing in on who will win the championship.