From recently dropping his long-awaited album Jesus Is King to doing all types of headline-inducing promo for the project, Kanye West is having quite a week when it comes to the press. By now, many of you have already peeped his interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, but there was one part relating to Democrats and African Americans that currently has a lot of people once again missing the “Old Kanye.”

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While the interview spans almost 50 minutes long, it only took ‘Ye about 10 minutes before making the distasteful comment. It’s worth watching the full interview (seen above) to understand just exactly what the controversial rap vet was trying to say, but see below for the quote that got some serious attention from “the cookout”:

“We brainwashed out here, bro. Come on, man — this is a free man talking! Democrats had us voting Democrat for food stamps for years, bro! What is you talking about?! Guns in the ’80s? Taking the fathers out the home? Plan B? Lowering our votes? Making us abort our children — thou shall not kill!”

— Kanye West, Big Boy’s Neighborhood

This came after Big Boy asked whether or not Kanye felt he was turning his back on the Black community with a lot of the left-field things he’s been saying and doing recently, particularly when it comes to his verbal support of Donald Trump. Many even believe he was throwing shots at Meek Mill during one point in his rant (“…rapping about things that can get you locked up and then saying you about prison reform”), but we’ll hold off on breathing life into that allegation out of respect for Hip-Hop unity at this time in the culture. However, we can only hope that Yeezy understands there’s a responsibility in saying things like that without being 100% certain in the point he’s trying to make or being taken out of context. For example, it’s worth noting that Plan B is used as a preventive pill to avoid getting pregnant, not a substance you take to terminate an existing pregnancy.

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