Despite being an introvert, Kawhi Leonard has gone viral a few times for his one-liners. Now he’s reportedly trying to monetize from it.

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Washington, D.C. trademark lawyer Josh Gerben tweeted that the Clippers player is trying to trademark two of his catchphrases. Leonard filed the application last week.


The phrase comes from a now-viral video of him in a car with his then-teammate Serge Ibaka after winning the championship. Ibaka panned the screen on the former Raptors star and he greeted his one million followers with one line: “What it do baby.”

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what it do babyyyy (h/t mslickk/twitter)

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Many people assumed that he was rolling up in celebration of his big win. But either way it was a hilarious moment.

Along with “What it do baby,” Gerben claims that Kawhi is looking to trademark the slogan “City Views Over Interviews.”

Both lines are expected to be used for an upcoming clothing line.