In an almost decade-long fraud scam, a Queens man was arrested in a federal counterfeit ring after bringing over $100M worth of fake shoes into NYC.

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Federal prosecutors filed a complaint against Hai Long Huang, who authorities say has been sending containers of bootleg Timberland and Ugg boots into New York from China.

Through the description of an undercover buy in a federal filing, the Timberland boots were found to be fugazi after law enforcement agents removed Timberland’s signature tree from the bottom of the shoe, which unveiled a ‘Fangeli’ logo. In one instance, a federal agent was able to purchase a case containing twelve pair of Timbs for a meager $515.


According to the complaint, Huang is reported to have shipped in approximately three containers of fake Uggs, which is about 27,252 pairs with an approximate value of $4,741,840. He reportedly sold more of the famous Timberland boot, importing a reported 66 containers filled with 6000 pairs apiece, totaling almost $123 million. Between both companies, it has been estimated that the wholesale bootlegger costs Uggs and Timberland $127,741,840.

Huang appeared in court yesterday and released on $75K secured bond.