Kanye West’s JESUS IS KING album has been quite polarizing in its reception. Some people love it, some people think it’s just ok, some people hate it. Count N.O.R.E. in on the last bunch.

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N.O.R.E. appeared alongside Nick Cannon on Power 106 in Los Angeles and blasted the album, calling it “trash.”

“Jesus Is King is trash,” N.O.R.E said. “I love Kanye. I wanna be clear… How the fuck you got Clipse on a record that’s not good? Jesus is mad at this n*gga.”


The criticism of Kanye went beyond the music, but also his selection of journalists for interviews.

“I’ma be honest, I’m a hater. I’m kinda hater. Let me explain why. Zane Lowe is a person that I respect but I don’t respect,” N.O.R.E said. “As a person who made the War Report album, I’ve done records with Mariah Carey… When I see you ever go to any place other than us—the culture—I have a problem with that.”

If you are looking for someone to actually pull up on someone like N.O.R.E., look no further than Drake, who the podcast and Hip-Hop legend revealed that Kanye’s frenemie (?) will be pulling up.

“He said, ‘N*gga, I know I can’t control your interview.’ He said, ‘I’m too much of a n*gga to know I can’t control you, but I’ma come.”

You can check out N.O.R.E.’s conversation with Cannon below.