Romeo Miller was promoting his recent film Game Day movie and he talked about the role, accomplishing success at a young age as an independent artist and many more topics in a recent interview.

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Somewhere in the conversation, the host asked Romeo about his link-up with NBA YoungBoy who is currently on house arrest. Despite his legal troubles, Young Boy’s AI YoungBoy 2 project debuted at No. 1.


The multi-hyphenate posted a picture following his meeting with the 20-year-old rapper and he didn’t get into specifics, but the conversation sounded interesting and motivational, as per Two Bees Entertainment.

“Certain things you have to keep to yourself” Romeo quipped. “But I would say this about NBA: People say he’s very controversial right? You go look at the Bible, anybody who had a big purpose was controversial. Because you may not understand from your perspective. Being around him he has a very strong presence. And to me if I’m being quite honest — I meet a lot of people — I haven’t met anyone with such a strong presence. It’s like I met a version of my dad to a certain extent. When my dad was able to tunnel his power and energy and use it to grow and for the positive. Especially coming from Louisiana we say ‘if you can survive Louisiana you can survive anything.'”

He continued, “NBA has that same strong, leadership type presence but the thing is, are you gonna let the Devil take advantage? Are you gonna let God use you as a light? That’s what we talked about. I told him call my dad whenever you have a problem or down or have a bad day. Forget the business, and forget about — you know there was a lot of brand talk. He was tryna pick my father’s brain — But I told him as a brother look at my pops as a dad. He’s a father figure I feel like a lot of people in this industry should use. This man came from nothing, made hundreds of millions out the gate. He’s a positive adapter.”

He went on to explain that Hip Hop doesn’t have mentors the way sports have coaches and broke down why it’s necessary to guide young artists, like NBA. The Ex on the Beach host suggested that his father should be used as a Hip-Hop father figure, and we think he’s right.

Romeo revealed that the “No Smoke” rapper feels targeted and misunderstood. He’s not even given certain opportunities because law enforcement anticipates that trouble will follow him. That’s a lot of weight on a 20-year-old’s shoulders who probably just wants to live his best life.

But he seems to have been keeping himself busy. The photo below went viral of him calm, and laser focus giving his close friend, Baby Joe, a tattoo on the leg.