When it comes to ghost movies, The Grudge film series is easily one of the standouts for its chilling Americanized retelling of a J-horror classic. Now, the haunting tale of a curse that refuses to die but assures death on all that it crosses is getting a remake that’s scheduled to arrive at the top of 2020.

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Although serving as a reboot, The Grudge takes place during the same timeline as the 2004 film that starred Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar. This time around, Andrea Riseborough (Birdman) and John Cho (Harold & Kumar) share co-starring cred as the two leads at the center of the plot. Riseborough plays a detective investigating a series of deaths at the infamous house, now located in the United Staes as opposed to Japan in the original films, meanwhile Cho plays a real estate agent trying to sell the cursed crib. Both come into direct contact with the murderous spirits, and thus the tale kicks off once again. Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert, producers from the original two films, join Takashige Ichise once again to handle production this time around, with newcomer Nicolas Pesce on board to direct and write the film. In addition to arriving with perfect timing being that this happens to be the week of Halloween, The Grudge trailer does a great job at getting us amped for what appears to be a pretty good revival of a classic horror series.

Watch the trailer for The Grudge reboot above, and expect the film to arrive in theaters via Sony Pictures Entertainment starting January 3, 2020.