Wooter Apparel had one goal in mind when the company was founded in New York City in June 2014 by Alex Aleksandrovski, David Kleyman and Alex Kagan: make quality clothes at a great price for sports lovers.

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The word Wooter comes from the word “Woo” which is an interjection similar to “YAYE!” or “Woohoo!” used to express joy or excitement, usually about some kind of achievement. Sports is all about bringing people together and celebrating big accomplishments such as winning championships.

A Wooter is an athlete that overcomes and achieves greatness! Overcome is exactly what wooter has done. The company boasts 12,000+ sports organizations utilizing them from over 40 countries worldwide. Worth noting: It is the Fastest growing custom apparel company ever. It also holds the distinction of creating the first custom league app builder ever. Listed by Entrepreneur as a “Top 100 Most Brilliant Company,” Wooter raised a $250,000 seed round in 2015.


Since launching Wooter Apparel five years ago, one of the biggest goals of the company was being able to place themselves in a position to give back. Previous donations and sponsorship recipients have included Wooter Africa, Ballin 4 Peace, Each One Teach One (at Rucker Park), Irvington High School (Irvington, New Jersey), Balling 4 Lupus, Smush Parker’s Basketball Camp, and the BOSS Program (Business of Success Beyond Sports) just to name a few organizations that have benefitted from the generous support of Wooter.

“After years of sleepless nights and hard work, we’ve gotten Wooter to a position where we can positively impact the world. We understand sports plays a massive role in bringing communities together and shaping the lives of our youth,” said Alex Aleksandrovski, Co-Founder and CEO of Wooter.

Having created $8 Million in revenue in the last 2 years, Wooter also has worked with clients like Los Angeles Clippers All-Star, Kawhi Leonard and NBA free agent Carmelo Anthony. With their success, they’ve created apparel for notables like rapper, Master P and his Global Mixed Gender Basketball League, a co-ed league and with the New Orleans rapper’s Medusa apparel brand.

Wooter has also been instrumental in creating apparel for boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and his celebrity basketball games and in his Money Team Apparel. For more information about Wooter visit: www.wooterapparel.com/team