It didn’t take long for the first major NBA brawl of the new season to occur.

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Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns have a long history with each other, and that negative history boiled over and led to a fight on Wednesday night.

The two big men got into a scuffle under the basket during the third quarter of the Philadelphia 76ers-Minnesota Timberwolves game. The two were pushing each other, and then Towns swung his arm around Embiid like he was trying to put him in a headlock. The two got in a clinch and wrestled each other to the floor and got separated by coaches.


Both players were ejected from the game while no one else was punished. However, Ben Simmons wrapped his arm around Towns’ neck.

Embiid seemed to make a joke of things by throwing some air punches afterward.

The referees did not find matters as funny and handed out double technical fouls and ejected both players.

Playing against Towns has always produced a pumped up Embiid, and the pair has a history of trash talk. In December 2017, Embiid rubbed it in on social media after getting a win over Towns’ Timberwolves, which led to a response from Towns. Then when the teams met again in March last year, Embiid took another shot at Towns.

Embiid had 19 points and five rebounds in 20 minutes prior to exit. Towns had 13 points and six rebounds in 23 minutes.

The Embiid-Towns match-up certainly delivered some fireworks, just not in the way we were all expecting and then it carried over to Instagram.