While everyone is gearing up for their Trick or Treating excursions tonight, authorities are warning parents to beware of marijuana-laced goodies that might be mistakenly passed out to children during their rounds.

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Some THC edibles are made to look exactly like the famous brands. For example everybody knows and loves Sour Patch Kids gummies, but they also make a Stony Patch, which is a THC edible but the packing looks almost exactly the same.

With the fact that most edibles that contain THC, the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, look just like normal candy for consumption, it just makes it that much more of a danger to children. According to the CDC, juveniles under 18 can be very sensitive to marijuana and being that their brain chemistry is very different than adult brains, for a child, THC can a much more of dramatic response than an adult or even a pet.


Ingesting THC can cause children to have difficulty breathing, loss of coordination, and sleepiness–possibly unable to wake up. All of which require immediate medical attention.

Preventative measures? Check candy before your little ones eat it. If it looks unusual, opened or tampered with in any way– throw it out.