Kevin Durant joined ESPN’s First Take on Thursday to talk about his years at Golden State and he even gave some insight into his and Draymond Green’s team issues. Durant told Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith that his problems with Green did play a role in his decision to leave the Warriors.

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Fans will remember the infamous argument between KD and Draymond last season after Green refused to give KD an outlet pass in the final minutes of play against the Clippers. Green ultimately turned the ball over and an argument ensued on the sideline and later in the locker room.

Draymond reportedly called KD a B—h and told KD that the Warriors won without him. Draymond was suspended for one game because of the argument. “A little bit yeah sure, ” KD responded to Stephen A’s question on if his decision to leave was affected by Draymond. “Your teammate talk to you that way you think about it a bit.”


“I feel like that was a situation that definitely could’ve been avoided… it opened up a lot of nonsense that could’ve been avoided and me and Draymond talked about it,” KD said.

The two-time Finals MVP did note that he decided to leave not only because of the Draymond situation but because of the contract situations that were present within the organization. Durant cited Shaun Livingston’s retirement, Iguodala’s age and new contracts that were destined for Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Durant said that the big contracts would make it difficult to land any new talent if he stayed.

Kevin Durant speaks more with Stephen A. Smith on his ESPN+ show The Boardroom. A clip was posted on Instagram of KD and Stephen A. speaking about the time that the ESPN host referred to KD’s move to Golden State was the “weakest move I ever saw by a superstar.”