By: Amira Lawson

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It is officially the day after Halloween, which means for most children, you are still picking through your leftover candy from trick or treating. Normally, parents inspect their children’s candy before letting them indulge in all of the trick or treating fun and then allow them to eat their candy without any problems. That wasn’t the case for this New Jersey mom as going through her son’s candy has led her to find a bag of Heroin.

The lady’s two children, ages 7 and 11, went trick or treating in Middle Township’s Rio Grande area on Friday. At the point when her children dumped out their collected candy, the lady recognized a little plastic bag with another blue paper inside holding a suspicious substance alongside a stamp of the comic book character, Deadpool. The mom tells sources she knew who Deadpool was because her son likes him, however, after taking a longer glance at the bag, she was able to realize that it was not candy.


She called the cops and later, lab results confirmed that the substance tested positive for Heroin. Fortunately, her child has not taken the substance but the mother of these two wants parents all around the world to be careful and make sure they thoroughly check their children’s candy to avoid exposing their youth to anything other than candy.