Goodz and Dave East were in the studio not too long ago, and the product of that studio session seems to be this new single “Real” that the battle rapper dropped off on Friday. The two NYC lyricists have back to back verses giving listeners bars that we’ve come to expect from the street rappers.

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“Before I let my mind, I let my pen lose it// work it out through a song like gym music,” Goodz raps on the song. This new track is Goodz first single from his upcoming EP No Weirdos dropping on Black Friday.

“I ain’t Frank White I won’t claim the king of NY n—a// I still talk to Nip in my sleep ain’t think you would die n—a,” Dave East raps on his verse. Dave just wrapped up a project of his own, his debut album, Survival. The album drops on November 8th.


When we saw Goodz in the studio with Dave East, it was following Goodz battle on SMACK/URL against Cassidy. The two artists roasted Cassidy for his poor performance although Cassidy claims that he won the battle. In the video, reposted by 15 minutes of fame, Dave East calls Cassidy delusional for thinking he won 5,000 battles in his life.