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Korey Wise was the special guest at the first stop of the Crime + Punishment Brooklyn tour at the Gentlemen’s Factory in Flatbush.

After watching the two-hour film, Two Bees TV caught up with the activist during the event’s intermission and he discussed an array of topics.

Two Bees TV asked him how he felt watching victims be coerced by the NYPD to admit to crimes they didn’t commit in the documentary. “That’s the system for you. It doesn’t surprise me,” the Harlem native said.


Although he wasn’t wearing it, Korey Wise announced that he has an upcoming clothing line called Wise Apparel. He has an authentic New York swag and is always spotted on social media copping fresh pair of uptowns. Korey told the host that he stays off social media otherwise he’ll “lose his mind” but he looks forward to a possible collaboration with Nike.

Check out the full recap and interview below: