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By: Dylan Kemp

It really feels like we’re living in an episode of The Boondocks.

Lines were stretched out to the street, police were directing traffic out of the drive-thru and people were live-tweeting in line waiting just to get their hands on one of Popeyes fried chicken sandwiches.

Popeye’s had dropped their fried chicken sandwiches back in August to public frenzy. People stood in lines for hours and cussed out store employees… all over a chicken sandwich. Locations even instituted a 2 sandwich per car rule. Within a couple of weeks, all the sandwiches were sold out.


A week ago, Popeyes announced that its fried chicken sandwich would be returning on Sunday, November 3rd, and was somewhat of a snub at their main rival, Chic-fil-a, who is not open on Sundays out of religious obligations.

Sunday had arrived with Popeyes tweeting, “Yall… it’s back.”

Even after his game against the Jaguars this past Sunday, Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson claimed that it was the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich that helped him heal after getting hit in the eye during a game the previous week.

“I’ll tell you the key. The key is Popeyes’ spicy chicken sandwiches that I ate this week that helped the eye,” Watson said during his post-game interview.

Popeye’s chicken sandwiches can’t heal your eye or any part of your body at that. But they sure are good as hell.