A wardrobe complaint by the NFL is nothing new to Odell Beckham Jr., but his LSU teammate Jarvis Landry has now become a party to Odell’s fashion statements on the field that seem to cause trouble. Landry and Beckham Jr. were forced to change their cleats at halftime of Sunday’s game against the Broncos because the color was not in accordance with NFL guidelines.

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Beckham Jr. wore cleats inspired by the movie “Joker” while Landry wore gold cleats that were outside of the Browns team colors which is required by the league. Had they not changed cleats, the two star receivers would’ve been sidelined for the rest of the game.

Odell’s fashion choices have cost him some money this season. The All-Pro receiver was fined $14,000 for wearing a $300,000 Richard Millie watch during the game. The league prohibits the wearing of hard objects on the field.

“The league is not going to protect me from being hit by Dont’a Hightower… it’s stupid… it’s just wack I don’t know how else to say it,” Odell told reporters last month when asked about the NFL’s rules.

Beckham had a decent outing by his standards with 5 catches and 87 yards against the Broncos. Landry also had a solid game with 6 catches 51 yards and a touchdown, but the Browns lost 19-24 dropping to 2-6 on the season.