The Chicago Tribune reports that R. Kelly has hired himself a veteran defense lawyer that specializes in plea negotiations to join his team. Perhaps, his hope is that this guy is a Harry Houdini, and like “poof” can make all this drama go away. However, since ” The Pied Piper” is facing 13-counts of alleged sexual abuse with young girls in this federal case sparked from the Lifetime docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, oh boy may need Harry Potter, Merlin, and David Copperfield to clear him of charges.

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The name of the lawyer is Jeffrey Steinback and he has told the press that he was asked to support the Kelly case because of his “expertise” in negotiations. He did allude that his role may not necessarily stop the case from going to trial.

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In a phone interview with the Tribune, he said: “I was brought in as another set of eyes.” Also after meeting R. Kelly, he made an assessment that surely (please read with rolled eyes) means something regarding his case.

“I did not meet a monster,” Steinback said. “I met a man who is hurting. … He’s done a great deal of good in his life.”

Steinback most certainly has a great way of practicing discernment with the folk he represents. In the past he has represented the following high-profile clients, proving that his wizardry is top shelf: Scott Fawell, the former aide to Gov. George Ryan who provided crucial testimony against his boss; Stuart Levine, a political insider who became one of the government’s key witnesses in the corruption investigation of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich; and William Hanhardt, the Chicago police chief of detectives who pleaded guilty to running a mob-connected jewelry theft ring.

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In addition to all of the sex with under-aged girl charges, R. Kelly is also facing a racketeering indictment in New York.  Let’s see if Steinback can perform some “alakazam” for the embattled R&B singer, and get him out of jail- and exonerated…

Actually… Kelz made need more than magic, but probably an Act of God to free him this time.