Ring the bell on Lord Jamar vs. Eminem round 8? Who can keep count anymore? The Brand Nubian emcee has taken aim at Shady quite often this year, sometimes receiving a response, other times not.

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Recently a response was launched back, with Em throwing some shade at Jamar while on stage in Abu Dhabi. Jamar heard the diss and had some words in response, suggesting that he is lodged in the mind of Eminem and attacking Em’s collaboration with Joyner Lucas, “What If I Was Gay.”

“So first of all, he’s dreaming about me, number one. It’s a little weird. Why you dreaming about me? Maybe we have the answer to that, because a leak just came out of a song with him and Joyner Lucas, talking about ‘What If I Was Gay’,” Jamar said.


“Now, he’s dreaming about men, so maaaaybe. Now here’s the thing. My analogy of who this guy is, because people keep saying ‘oh he can rap good, yada yada.’ They keep focusing on that. Eminem is like that white girl that f*cks with black dudes. Hangs out with black dudes and has daddy issues. In his case, he’s got mommy issues. Is on drugs. Her claim to fame is that she sucks d*ck real good.”

That’s not the end of Jamar’s bars. He would continue on with his white girl analogy that you can hear below.