Kyrie Irving is once again trolling the Knicks. But, this time, he didn’t have to say anything.

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At the corner of Madison Square Garden is a giant billboard displaying a Nike ad with Irving’s face on it. The text next to him reads, “In my heart, I knew I always wanted to play at home.”


Of course, this one isn’t on Irving directly, but this isn’t the first time a Nets billboard took a shot at the Knicks. Back in 2010, Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov had a billboard outside MSG that read “the blueprint for greatness,” and it really ticked off the Knicks.

Irving is originally from New Jersey, but his move to the Nets has been branded as a homecoming for the mercurial point guard. After joining the team, he spoke about how important it was for him to be back near where he grew up in the New York area. He has been sensational in his first few games with his new squad.

Billboards also haven’t worked out in the Knicks’ favor, with the one of Kevin Durant created by Knicks fans to court him to New York this offseason backfiring when he signed in Brooklyn along with Irving.

Irving, though, hasn’t held back when talking about how New York is becoming a Nets town in his eyes. Trolling the Knicks isn’t hard to do these days. If Irving really wants to make New York a Nets’ town, winning needs to happen and happen often.