Announced yesterday via URLTV’s own dedicated App, Queens’ DNA is set to take on St. Louis’ Aye Verb in a small room setting on Saturday 14 December as the main event for SMACK/URLTV’s newly announced Volume 5 event. The announcement of potentially SMACK / URLTV’s final major small room event for 2019 has two experienced legends who have been going at it for a decade face off in what is promising to be a highly entertaining encounter that has been brewing heavily in recent months – watch below for further details from 15MOFE and Hip Hop Is Real.

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Originally scheduled to go down way back in 2016, finally, NWX’s DNA is set to see a red-hot Aye Verb. Verb comes off having recently had very strong performances against both Loaded Lux and Murda Mook (on RBE) recently. DNA himself comes off a strong win versus Bill Collector on URLTV last month, the day after winning $25,000 battling on BET against Gecchi Gotti and T-Top. Both have experience battling in the small room Volume setting, with DNA having an exceptionally strong performance against Mickey Factz while Aye Verb faced off against an in-form Nu Jerzey Twork in 2018 just weeks before his legendary Murda Mook battle.


DNA below talks on CHAMPION about the upcoming battle and what fans can expect as he goes to Warriors Island to face Vegan Verb. Details still to come as to where the battle will be held, but with DNA previously saying he would like it to go down in St Louis and not New York, the recent issues experienced at Summer Impact: Reloaded in NYC and Verb not having a home game, it will be interesting to see whether it will be announced for St Louis even though the small room setting largely nullifies the importance of venue. Definitely a classic battle in the making and exciting to see two active bona fide battle rap legends face off for the first time to close out 2019 in a battle which will ultimately be significant for both of their legacies on SMACK/URLTV. Pay Per View and Video On Demand options available as per usual from – no general admission tickets for the SMACK Volume setting battles.