A new report has emerged that President Trump is currently planning to return to television after his term as POTUS is up. According to The Daily Beast, Donald Trump and NBC Producer Mark Burnett are planning the return of The Apprentice after Trump leaves the office.

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The report states Trump and Burnett have kept in touch regularly since the 2016 election, and in doing so have kicked around the idea of The Apprentice: White House, a politics based version of the Emmy nominated hit show The Apprentice.

Trump hasn’t only hinted at it, but has blatantly said in interviews that he misses his old life. Trump told Reuters at the 100-day mark of his presidency that he thought being the Commander-in-Chief would be easier and that he “loved” his previous life. “I had so many things going… this is more work than my previous life,” Trump told Reuters.


Trump has already decided to run for reelection and if given a second term wouldn’t be able to relive his return to reality tv until 2024.