Lil Pump released behind the scenes clip that shows a shocking blooper from the video shoot to his new song. Pump posted on Instagram a video of a snake biting him on the hand while posing for a scene.

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In the clip, the snake trainer is trying to place the snake on Pump’s arm before the serpent latched onto Pump’s hand. The rapper tossed the snake and ran off.

“Yo, I just got bit by a snake,” Pump exclaimed. The rapper showed the blood leaking from his hand from the bite. Pump was able to laugh it off seeming to not be in much pain. “I can’t f— [with] no snakes. I hope I don’t die,” Pump captioned the video.


The “Gucci Gang” rapper was on set for his new video with El Alfa El Jefe for the song “Coronao Now.”