With the death of the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty, the league needs a new villain to hate against. Insert the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sportsinsider.com conducted this study by gathering over 100,000 tweets from Twitter users in the United States who included words like “hate” when mentioning a specific NBA team. That team was the Lakers.

It was determined that the Lakers are the most hated in 34 different states. Despite the departure of Kevin Durant this past offseason, the Golden State Warriors slipped only one spot from last year to the second most hated team


The Lakers were second in the 2018 NBA hated teams map, but an off-season acquisition of All-Star forward Anthony Davis may have boosted the team to the most hated in 2019.

The Lakers are no stranger to being hated by the fans of other teams, but over the last few years, they were simply not as fun to hate as they’ve been mired in a six-year playoff drought. That all appears to be changing as they are winning once again and look poised to be every bit of the contender they were billed to be in the preseason.

The Lakers are off to a 6-1 record this season. The team looks strong out the gate and with their jewels of richness, it’s easy to see why haters are going to hate on them.